Easter in Switzerland and not a sign of Spring. It was a long winter and way too long off the saddle. South was calling.

We jumped on a train to Bellinzona, Switzerland and started from there. Our 10-day trip brought us along Lake Maggiore, into Italy and across to Milan. From there it was a wonderful ride through Piemont's varied countryside down to the Italian Riviera. Quiet country roads brought us through Europe's greatest rice plains along the Po valley, the picturesque vineyard villages of Monferrato, the thermal waters of Acqui and crossing the Appennino we were greeted by a roaring, stormy Mediterranean.

Genoa couldn't have been a better finale with it's magnificent port and extravagant marble palaces. Need we mention food? We are talking Italy here... the best benzene for miles around!  (April '05)


Lake Maggiore   

Kurt in Bellinzona

Darina in rice country  

Cathedral in Milan 

Vineyards of Monferrato 

Almond Blossoms 

Acqui thermal font

Magnolia Blossom

Italian Riviera

Genoa Port

Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Genoa

Piedmont, Italy

A rough idea of the route we took