This year's cyclists' reunion was organised by Christine and Philippe, based in Thun. For a change, we got to see some beautiful corners of another part of Switzerland. We were guided from the Swiss capital city of Bern, through the lovely pastural countryside of Emmental to Thun, the thriving capital of the Bernese Oberland.

Philippe, Christina, Cecilia, Max, Kurt, Pia & Darina in Thun




Cycling through Bern

Greetings from one of Bern's bears


Views from the road...

As usual we spent the night at a farmhouse with rooms/barn accommodation. After a long haul and push up hill we were warmly greeted by Franz and Rita Schwarz in their beautiful Bruffhof, outside Obergoldbach.

Bruffhof, Obergoldbach


Flower power
Dinner was as creative as it gets with colourful flowers as part of each salad dish in the buffet  accompanying a very generous BBQ.
Sunday's weather exceeded our highest hopes and t-shirts were the order of the day. The perfect alpine backdrop made our little loop all the more exotic.

Cycling through country lanes


What a perfect backdrop!


Getting your priorities in order...


Max & Pia



Christine, Philippe & Cecilia
Cecilia, the newest member of our cycling troope, is smitten with her little perch in the trailer, while Papi Philippe sweats out front. Even Darina was taking notes for Kurt's proposed crossing of the Andes at the tender age of 92! Many thanks to Christine and Philippe for organising such an enjoyable weekend.